Low risk of an incident occurring - EOC closed. All county and  affiliated agencies are operating at  normal staffing levels. Non-county agencies are notified of situations in their respective areas of responsibility.






General risk of pending incident -– does not require opening of EOC – this is a “watch” mode. Health, OIT, DPW, Police, Fire, and OHSEM may be placed on alert with SITREPS via WebEOC® and conference calls.     






Increasing risk of an incident - EOC open with minimal staffing from Health, OIT, Police, DPW, Fire, OHSEM. and other county/non-county agencies as needed; including Aging, Social Services and BaCo ACS RACES.






Severe risk of an incident - EOC open with Level One agencies. Other county/non county agencies are brought in “as needed”, including, the primary sheltering support agencies; DSS, Schools, Aging, BaCo ACS RACES and Red Cross.






Incident in progress - EOC open and remains open for the duration of the incident. Operating positions are staffed with Level One, Level Two and other county/non county agencies as needed. One or move shelters are open with DSS, Schools, Aging, BaCo ACS RACES and Red Cross personnel deployed.