Message Numbers Group One

ONE Everyone safe here. Please don't worry

FOURTEEN Situation here becoming critical. Losses and damage from ____ increasing.

TWO Coming home as soon as possible

FIFTEEN Please advise your condition and what help is needed.

THREE Am in _____ hospital. Receiving excellent care and recovering fine.

SIXTEEN Property damage very severe in this area..

FOUR Only slight property damage here. Do not be concerned about disaster reports

SEVENTEEN REACT communications services also available. Establish REACT communication with _____ on channel _____.

FIVE Am moving to new location. Send no further mail or communication. Will inform you of new address when relocated .

EIGHTEEN Please contact me as soon as possible at _____.

SIX Will contact you as soon as possible

NINETEEN Request health and welfare report on _____ . (State name, address and telephone number.)

SEVEN Please reply by Amateur Radio through the amateur delivering this message. This is a free public service

TWENTY Temporarily stranded. Will need some assistance. Please contact me at _____.

EIGHT Need additional _____ mobile or portable equipment for immediate emergency use

TWENTY ONE Search and Rescue assistance is needed by local authorities here. Advise availability.

NINE Additional _____ radio operators needed to assist with emergency at this location 

TWENTY TWO Need accurate information on the extent and type of conditions now existing at your
location. Please furnish this information and reply without delay.

TEN Please contact _____. Advise to standby and provide further emergency information, instructions or assistance.

TWENTY THREE Report at once the accessibility and best way to reach your location.

ELEVEN Establish Amateur Radio emergency communications with _____ on _____ MHz.

TWENTY FOUR Evacuation of residents from this area urgently needed. Advise plans for help.

TWELVE Anxious to hear from you. No word in some time. Please contact me as soon as possible.

TWENTY FIVE Furnish as soon as possible the weather conditions at your location.

THIRTEEN Medical emergency situation exits here.

TWENTY SIX Help and care for evacuation of sick and injured from this location needed at once.