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The Three “P”s of ACS Volunteer Service


  • Ensure your family is protected. You can not help others as a volunteer if your family is not safe and secure. This requires a formal Family Disaster Plan that is reviewed regularly.
  • Maintain a Family Disaster Supply Kit with a minimum of three days food. This is not,” I probably have enough stuff in my cupboard”, but food and other essentials dated and stored in a water proof container for immediate evacuation. At the very least, having such a kit prevents you from having to fight shopping lines when others panic.
  • Keep a minimum of a half a tank of fuel in all vehicles.
  • Review your county emergency plans, including your county alert notification procedures.
  • Have appropriate equipment, interchangeable emergency power sources, spare batteries, and generators tested. Keep a portable radio in your briefcase or purse during heightened alerts.


  • Attend a training class in your community. Know how government and affiliated agencies respond to disasters. Obtain a copy of your County's Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Know how volunteers supplement government and affiliated agencies during emergencies.
  • Know what to do and what not to do during emergencies that may impact your community.
  • Maintain skills by participating in exercises and training sessions.
  • Become certified, enroll in and complete FEMA and in house courses offered by local agencies and organizations.


  • Attitude - Positive, helping not hindering.
  • Reliability - Arriving on time, keeping appointments.
  • Flexibility - Doing what is needed to complete assignments.
  • Thinking - Think before speaking, especially concerning government and military operations.
  • Appearance - Dress business casual, be professional at all times when representing your organization,


“Preparedness is Not an Option, Preparedness is a Requirement

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