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June, 21 2014 0:02:06

Harford County On the Air

As of this June 5, 2014, the repeater is operational on 2Ms, 70CM and 23CM.

KB3TOG C 145.1200 MHz DUP(-) 0.600MHz
KB3TOG B 447.9875 MHz DUP(-) 5.000MHz
KB3TOG A 1282.300 MHz DUP(-) 12.00MHz

The repeater 2M module, KB3TOG C is now operational on the US Trust Gateway system linked to REF025B where it will remain linked for the foreseeable future. The 70Cm module, KB3TOG B, is linked to REF062C. The 2M repeater will be unlinked from REF025B during scheduled nets, scheduled exercises and emergency operations.

Go to to display the REF025 Dashboard and view linked gateways, remote users and the call signs of last heard stations. To work properly on the gateway your radio should be configured as follows:

My Call: your FCC assigned call sign
Your Call: CQCQCQ
Repeater 1: KB3TOG C (the C is in the eight position)
Repeater 2: KB3TOG G (the G is in the eight position)

If repeater 2 is not set to KB3TOG G you will hear audio from REF025B, however, when you key up your audio will not be routed via the gateway to the reflector. It will only be broadcast via RF on the local repeater.

Please Observe Proper D-Star Etiquette.

1. When operating on a repeater linked to a reflector please announce yourself with “your FCC assigned call sign listening on KB3TOG, over”. This informs other linked stations that you are not on their local system and the use of “over” indicates you are through transmitting. Remember D-Star repeaters and most D-Star radios do not use tones when a microphone is un-keyed.

2. Pause between transmissions and wait at least five seconds after the person you are speaking with un-keys before transmitting to allow another station to break into the conversation. When using a linked system conversations are broadcast over all repeaters linked via the reflector. Long conversations without pauses tie up the local repeater and all repeaters linked to the reflector.

3. When using a D-Star radio equipped with GPS, on a repeater linked to a reflector, confirm that it is not set to automatically broadcast your GPS coordinates. If it is set to automatic the radio will transmit location information while others are speaking and interfere with their transmissions. Set you radio to broadcast Location data only when you key the PTT to transit audio.

Please e-mail if you have any questions about D-Star or using the KB3TOG repeater..

System Manager


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